John E. Welsh, Vice President of Purchasing
John has over 40 years as a senior executive with extensive and diversified building products experience. He is the founder of Ox Coat Corporation, a research and development company engaged in testing, applications and assembly of specialty chemicals.

DreamWeaver Homes™  senior management has over 375 years of experience in the residential, commercial and industrial real estate world — including steel framing, and modular, factory manufactured and site built housing. Following is an abbreviated profile of the team:

Blair A. Gilbert, Chief Executive Officer
[Northern Cherokee and Ojibwa] 
Blair’s professional experience includes many aspects of the construction and communications industries. He has been involved in design and land development, and his experience covers a wide range of disciplines.  He is the founder and served as the Executive Director for The Coalition for the Prevention of Native American Youth Suicide.

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Scott A. Gilbert, Vice President of Logistics and Operations
[Northern Cherokee]
Scott has an extensive background at various middle and upper management levels. He has represented various entities around the globe in the manufacturing services. In his roles he has provided all phases of manufacturing.

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Gary Johnson, Senior Executive Consultant
Gary served as the vice president of construction with Nor Cal Building Systems a leading company in the area of steel frame building construction. He built the largest cold formed steel framed single family housing subdivision in the United States.

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J. Edmund Mullin, Esq., Senior Vice President, Corporate Counsel

Ed co-chairs the Real Estate and Land Use Department of Hamburg, Rubin, Mullin, Maxwell & Lupin. He has practiced real estate and land use law for over 40 years. Ed serves as Chairman of the Joint State Government Commission charged with rewriting the real estate laws for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

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Tim Waite, PE, CSI, CDT, Vice President of Engineering
With Simpson Strong-Tie, Tim is involved with new product development for connectors associated with cold formed steel worldwide.  As president of the Steel Framing Alliance, he developed strategy and provided direction and implemented objectives for the 250 member trade association.

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Dana Bres, PE, Senior Executive Consultant
As Senior Advisor for Disaster Response with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Dana led HUD’s disaster response efforts with FEMA.  He was responsible for analyzing and recommending grant programs for the recovery of housing and other structures in areas impacted by disasters. Dana was HUD’s representative to the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy Subcommittee for Disaster Reduction.

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