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Click here to watch a video showing how resistant steel frame factory construction is in a fire storm.

Video created by and used with permission of: CSIRO Australia’s National Science Agency  |

DreamWeaver Homes™ is a Public Benefit Corporation (“B” Corp.) dedicated to improving lives and intended to produce a public benefit and operate in a responsible and sustainable method. The Company is managed in a way that balances stockholders' pecuniary interests, the best interests of those materially affected by the corporation's conduct and the public benefit for which the Company was formed.

The Company operates two different business models.

In the primary business model, in concert with municipalities and/or other types of governmental, public or private groups, the Company builds and operates the factory. The steel frame manufacturing facility is capable of producing single and multifamily housing as well as steel frame panels. The panels are produced in the factory and assembled on-site to build residential, commercial and industrial buildings. The Company may consider a joint venture partner that is familiar with the local marketplace.

In situations where an existing entity is looking for an economic development enterprise that will create jobs, provide superior building construction and offer a sustainable economic business, the Company offers a licensing model. 

Examples of this type of opportunity are when the Company works with American Indians and Alaska Natives.  The Company accomplishes this by assisting tribes and reservations in developing factories they own to produce housing and commercial building panels utilizing the Company’s unique and innovative manufacturing platform.  The end result is a sustainable enterprise that not only creates jobs but is highly profitable and helps solve the insatiable needs for superior, efficient and affordable housing.

The licensed, qualified and strategically located companies, operate under the DreamWeaver Homes™ name.  This results in a single, nationwide brand for identification and marketing purposes while also allowing each the autonomy created by their owning the businesses.  

The Company’s executive staff has over 375 successful years in the residential, commercial, modular and factory manufactured housing industries.  This team of experts provides on-site start-up and ongoing consultation services including sales, marketing, recruiting, hiring and training personnel at all levels how to operate the business successfully.  Team members are “on-call” to assist, provide guidance and perform trouble-shooting as necessary.  By combining and sharing the combined expertise the Company is able to guide in the creation of significant and successful business enterprises.