Click here to watch a video showing how resistant steel frame factory construction is in a fire storm.

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Dream Weaver Homes™: Building a Better Future

Your Partner in Sustainable, Innovative Housing Solutions

Who We Are:
Dream Weaver Homes™, a Public Benefit Corporation (B Corp), is dedicated to creating a positive impact on lives and the environment. Our mission is to balance the financial interests of our shareholders with the broader interests of the community and the planet.

Our Ethos:
We are not just a company; we are a movement. Registered with the U.S. Federal Government’s System for Award Management (SAM) for maximum transparency and compliance (UEI# DQFVGZZEJFD3 - CAGE# 9M8S8), Dream Weaver Homes™ stands for integrity, transparency, and innovation.

Our Expertise:
Our primary focus is building revolutionary modular and manufactured homes using cold-formed, light-gauge steel (LGS). This method not only ensures durability but also supports sustainable construction practices. Additionally, we provide LGS solutions for multifamily and commercial buildings, enhancing the efficiency and quality of on-site construction.

Expanding Horizons:
In the United States, we collaborate with government agencies, municipalities, and diverse public and private groups to produce single and multifamily housing, as well as commercial and industrial structures. Our state-of-the-art steel frame manufacturing facilities are at the heart of this expansion, driving forward our vision for a better-built environment.

A Unique Licensing Model:
When communities seek a partner for economic development and job creation through superior construction methods, Dream Weaver Homes™ offers a unique licensing model. This model has been particularly successful in empowering Native American and Alaska Native communities to own and operate their own factories, producing housing and commercial building panels using our innovative technology. This approach fosters job creation, profitability, and addresses the critical need for efficient and affordable housing.

Nationwide Impact, Local Autonomy:
Our licensed, quality-assured partners operate under the Dream Weaver Homes™ brand, ensuring a consistent, nationwide identity. At the same time, we celebrate the autonomy of local operations, empowering each entity to thrive independently.

Experience That Leads:
Our executive team, with over 375 years of combined experience in residential, commercial, and modular housing, provides comprehensive support. From on-site start-ups to ongoing consulting in sales, marketing, recruitment, and training, we are dedicated to nurturing successful business ventures. Our team is always on-call, ready to guide, troubleshoot, and share their vast expertise.

Join Us:
At Dream Weaver Homes™, we’re not just building homes; we’re crafting a future where housing is more sustainable, communities are more empowered, and businesses thrive. Join us in redefining the world of housing.

Dream Weaver Homes™ - Weaving Dreams into Reality.





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